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Leto Copeley

As stated in the  fifa电竞抽注今日网址 Code of Professional Conduct , the fifa电竞抽注今日网址 seeks to create a professional environment with equal opportunity and fair treatment for all economists, regardless of age, sex, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, health condition, marital status, parental status, genetic information, political affiliation, professional status, or personal connections.  Please view the fifa电竞抽注今日网址 Policy on Harassment and Discrimination .

Any fifa电竞抽注今日网址 member who believes they have suffered harassment or discrimination or any person who believes they have suffered harassment or discrimination by an fifa电竞抽注今日网址 member or in the context of an fifa电竞抽注今日网址-sponsored activity, as well as anyone who has witnessed such conduct, is encouraged to contact the ombudsperson.  Contact information is below.  All communications with the ombudsperson are strictly confidential.  See the fifa电竞抽注今日网址 Ombudsperson FAQs .

The ombudsperson does not represent the American Economic Association, but collects information, and presents independent solutions and guidance to both the fifa电竞抽注今日网址 and its constituents and stakeholders. Therefore, communication with the ombudsperson does not constitute legal notice to the fifa电竞抽注今日网址, and will not trigger a formal course of action or legal process by the fifa电竞抽注今日网址.

Leto Copeley

Leto Copeley , fifa电竞抽注今日网址 Ombudsperson


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